Robert Proch completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 2012. He painted in the streets for ten years now and develops in parallel research in the animated film. On a multi-story high wall, on a canvas or on a screen, the creations of all the daily deal Proch. Coincidences, surprises or opportunities that we offer the chance are among his favorite themes. Also student feeling like pride, greed, ambition and fear, Proch admit to an outlet of his works: they are ultimately the realization of his confessions. Beyond the aesthetics of narrative deconstruction Proch is based on a completely unique use of color. Almost monochrome, his paintings are done with a very limited palette, the shapes are highlighted with finer shades of colors.
Through The Walls
 „Through the Walls”
“6 divorces”
“callow war stories”
“one year in two hours”
“leaving green room”
“few days to blossom”


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