ZBIOK Czajkowski
Painter, curator and illustrator, born in Zielona Góra (1982), works and lives in WrocLaw, Poland.
SLawomir (Zbiok) Czajkowski belongs to inner circle of polish young artists whose artistic career started in the street. At the age of fourteen, fascinated by the bizarre world of freshly established American hip hop scene, he discovers New York’s graffiti – mysterious and elite code understood only by few.

At the age of eighteen his educational journey began at The Institute of Visual Arts in The College of Pedagogy in Zielona Gora. Arts education not only introduces him to the world of art, but at the time furthermore channels his subconscious urge to paint the narration in more definite and intentional way. When in 2005 he receives his M.A. in painting at professor’s Ryszard WoZniak atelier, he’s already a formed artist who as one of the first started to create consciously and has shaped what we know today as Post-Graffiti and Street Art. Most of all, he’s a painter who is no stranger to experiment, constantly seeking development.
In 2008 along with Joanna Stembalska he established, first in Poland and second in Europe, the concept of intentional interpretation of Street Art movement in critical way – exhibition in Wroclaw’s gallery BWA – ArtySci ZewnEtrzni (Outside Artists). Biennale of outdoor art Out of Sth are the result of extension of the concept. It has popularized and widely promoted the knowledge of what Street Art might actually be, how to comprehend it, what influence it has on public space and analyzes its connection to Visual Arts.
Czajkowski’s work is derived from Street Art, but the most crucial matter in his practice except method is grand deal of criticism towards mainstream. He often works in public space, relates to it and provokes, constantly asking what the common grounds are and who has the right to decide about them. This assumption results in insightful observation of the Internet – the virtual public space, which marks rather significantly in artist’s work, in both formal and conceptual manner.
Zbiok’s paintings are post-collages of contemporary culture based greatly on the visual image. Created by the artist large format, hyperrealistic paintings are a reflection stretched over a major dominant of digital photography where a modern day visual garbage of binary constructed images straight from the Internet serves as the material and painting craft embodies and blears the border between them. In his work, Czajkowski refers to technology, he’s fascinated by the concept of the future in which he sees the hope, nevertheless treats it very carefully. He’s interested in alienation, control and social relations resulting from development of civilization.
Zbiok Czajkowski has been participating in numerous projects and exhibitions in Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, the USA, Ukraine and the UK, among others. In 2011 he received The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship. He’s s been presented with plenty awards, among others with Geppert Competition Grand Prix.
People enjoing techno music / 7 x 7 m / Berlin / 2014 1493260_680875068600186_1294093226_n
FUN (Trippin on these mushrooms) 100x140cm / acrlcs on cnvs / 2013 1492194_678066712214355_1335068592_o
Untilted (Step inside) / 9m x 19m / Wroclaw / 2013
We talk (In my garden) / 16,5 m x 20 m / Wroclaw / 2013
Vova / mural / 9,5m x 32m / Sankt Petersburg / Rosja / 2014 10365557_776515505702808_6378874086681916591_o
INTRNT JUNK (USA were im at) / 7 x 20 m / Batimore / 2014


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